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DEMICON and Siemens join forces for upcoming Webinar on Jira and Polarion ALM integration

STUTTGART/BERLIN – 29.06.21 – DEMICON, a leading IT service provider in DACH, and Siemens, Europe’s largest industrial software manufacturer, are joining forces as part of the upcoming Webinar on the benefits of integrating Polarion ALM and Jira across an organization. With increased scaling across different development areas such as mechanics, electronics and software, and high regulatory standards as in the automotive industry with ISO26262, requirements have increased significantly. Furthermore, maximum performance, high end-to-end visibility, and reusability are required from development systems. The Webinar, titled System of Systems, is set to offer exclusive insights into why a toolchain of Jira and Polarion ALM is beneficial and how this integration can be efficiently represented bi-directionally.

As part of the event, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of Jira and Polarion ALM, from how to connect the innovative tools as part of their toolchain to how these tools interact together through proven scenarios experienced by the expert speakers. System of Systems will feature Portfolio Development Executive at Siemens, Thorsten Stahlberg, and Christopher Graf, Senior Consultant at DEMICON. Thorsten Stahlberg has a solid, proven track record of helping businesses improve their Application Lifecycle Management.

At Siemens, Thorsten develops strategies for companies looking to introduce or extend Polarion as an ALM tool to support the entire Application Development Lifecycle. Christopher Graf has over ten years of experience within the Automotive Industry, fostering an Agile mindset and DevOps practices as part of his mission. Graf has played a significant role in building data analysis, aggregation, and synchronization between separate units and tools at a premium Automotive OEM.

The Webinar will be taking place on 15th July 2021 at 11 am CEST and is free for all attendees. Organizers of the Webinar, DEMICON, noted that the event will be perfect for Development Heads, Development Leads, Project and System Managers, and current Jira and Polarion ALM users.

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