Pipar\TBWA and The Engine create Europe’s best campaign for a Norwegian clothing manufacturer

Pipar\TBWA and The Engine won best search campaign in the fashion category for Norwegian wool clothing manufacturer Lanullva from the European Search Awards.

“When we started working for this client, they were on board with all the changes we proposed. We redesigned the look of the company as a whole, from the product itself, knitting patterns, to improving the user experience on their website. It went very well and this was one of the first customers we took from a to z in Norway,” says Ísak Winther, Design and Concept Manager for Pipar\TBWA in Oslo.

Pipar\TBWA bought the Oslo based advertising agency last summer in the middle of a pandemic. Changing the name of that agency to Pipar\TBWA it now operates in both Reykjavík and Oslo offices under the same brand.

Expand the domestic market

“Lanullva.com wanted to expand its domestic market in Norway. We developed a marketing strategy that was very successful for the company – awareness and visibility increased, business multiplied and the customer base grew significantly. The problems we were struggling with most during the campaigns were product shortages. We repeatedly sold out all of the company’s stock. It’s a fun problem to have,” says Haukur Jarl Kristjánsson, Head of Digital Campaigns at Pipar\TBWA and The Engine.

Opening during the pandemic went well

“This award and the success we have achieved with Lanullva is an example of how powerful it is to have offices in Iceland and Norway. It was difficult to open an office in another country in the middle of a pandemic, but at the same time everyone was so ready to work remotely that in some ways it was very good to be doing this at that time. Much of the work for Lanullva was done in Iceland, but part of the team was in Oslo and it did not matter. The result was great and now we have set ourselves new goals to achieve with this business partnership,” says Valgeir Magnússon, CEO of Pipar\TBWA in Oslo.