Te & Kaffi introduces the US to their uniquely Icelandic cold brew

In collaboration with Icelandic Provisions, Te & Kaffi is introducing the distinctly Icelandic taste of its cold brew to Americans by way of Iceland’s iconic dairy product: skyr.

Te & Kaffi, founded in 1984, is the leading specialty coffee purveyor in Iceland, a nation that consistently tops lists of coffee consumption per capita. Joining forces with Icelandic Provisions, and spending two years in development, the company is now ready to give America a sample of their cold brew in a cold-brew-flavored skyr.

Throughout the development process it was imperative to maintain their distinctive roasting profiles, Halldor Gudmundsson of Te & Kaffi says:

“It was important to us to provide a great-tasting product for this coffee-infused skyr that is clean on the palate and represents our roasting profiles. Each small batch of coffee goes through a concentration process using Icelandic water and is submerged in the cold water for at least 24 hours, giving it a clean and unique taste.”

Skyr, a thick cultured dairy product similar to yogurt, has been growing in popularity in the States and now coffee and skyr lovers alike can find skyr flavored with Te & Kaffi’s cold brew across the US, exclusively at Whole Foods for the first three months and then throughout North America.

Te & Kaffi is a specialty coffee pioneer in Iceland operating a roastery, a chain of 9 gourmet coffee houses across the country and a wholesale business featuring gourmet coffee, specialty loose leaf tea, brewing equipment, and related products.

Te & Kaffi sources the finest coffee and tea crops from all over the world. Its state-of-the-art roastery slow-roasts coffee beans to preserve the beans’ natural oils and maintain the aroma and flavor of their specialty coffees. Their coffee shops offer a variety of brewing methods as well as seasonal beverages.

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