Chief Data Officers: the future of business

London, UK – Exasol have just released a new insight paper which examines the pivotal role of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) in business.

The paper goes into the many ways in which CDOs may be ideally positioned to lead the strategic direction of a company, understand and use data to support the strategy – and take on an increasingly important role in driving strategy.

It has become increasingly clear that a company’s most valuable asset is data. But data is a means, not an end. Research shows that human input and creativity are vital to convert data into critical business outcomes and build data-driven strategies. If businesses don’t have that all-important human element, they won’t only fail to thrive, they will likely fail, full stop.

Due to this, CDOs are fast becoming  some of the most valuable members of every business, essential to driving the business forward in all aspects – from revenue growth to innovation and operational effectiveness.

In this sense, they’ll exhibit a particular range of skills that allow them to get to know the organization in every aspect, from sales and finance to marketing and HR.

Having such extensive understanding of the business will in turn give them the ability to shape strategy and infrastructure that keeps every department in mind, allowing them to access more customised data insights.

An intrinsic understanding of, and ability to maintain a vision for business put them in an ideal position to become the CEOs of the future.

This insight paper attempts to achieve a deeper knowledge of the skills and qualities essential in a CDO. It’s ideal for current data architects and the future generation of the workforce, and anyone considering a lucrative and productive career as an innovator and future leader in data.

In this paper, Exasol goes into more detail as to:

• Why every business needs a CDO

• Why there is, currently, a shortage of them

• How to become a CDO

• What steps data analysts looking to advance their career need to take in order to position themselves as tomorrow’s business leaders – through their skills in generating and making decisions based on data insights.

To read the full insight paper visit here

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