How the IT and Tech sector can stay ahead of digital change

The IT and Tech sector was once ahead of the game in business, an industry that appeared and expanded in the past century. Despite being such a revolutionary industry, the progress began to slow when the individual businesses of this sector fell into the common pitfalls of any other traditional business – internal silos, processes that are slow to provide decisions and restricted innovation. To keep ahead of the changes, digital platform economy needs to be implemented which can help a business to re-evaluate their business model structure and take control of their revenue growth.

IT and Tech businesses expanded so quickly because they were able to provide products and services quicker than the businesses they replaced, however, history does have ways of repeating itself and it wont be long before other businesses find ways of getting a new advantage that will overtake the main competitors now – and it is here through digital disruption and the digital platform economy.

BearingPoint//Beyond has introduced digital platform solutions powered by Infonova’s award-winning technology to support businesses to make changes to their business models and develop a digital ecosystem that will unite external business partners, promote new innovation, create flexibility and improve business revenue and growth.  The change in business models allows the business to operate differently, more responsively to customer needs and begin a swifter and safer process to develop an idea, test, refine, market and launch – all at minimal cost. The ideas produced come from the digital ecosystem – after all, two heads are better than one – the collaborative process gives pace that keeps ahead of your competitors.

Products and services are then able to be offered on a subscription basis and stored on the cloud. The digital platform in the digital ecosystem is the only way for this style of working to be possible and reinvents old ideas as well as creating new ones.