Ofcom improves protection from nuisance calls

Ofcom, the government-approved communications regulator has strengthened their rules around consumer protection at the beginning of October. Combining work with Tellows.com, nusiance callers, ID spoofers and fraudsters are reported onto the Tellows apps by recipients to the calls which is then received by Ofcom.

Customers will no longer be charged for using caller ID services, allowing them to safely use appls like tellows to expose the phone numbers demonstrate the series of numbers through caller display services whilst ringing. Furthermore, telephone numbers should only be valid, so that it does not happen that the number doesn’t exist in the case of a possible callback. Thus, the caller ID spoofing should be minimized.

Telephone companies should now work on blocking invalid numbers in order to protect their own customers from telephone fraud. In addition, Ofcom is now able to remove number blocks from communications providers when used to harm people. Ofcom has improved the rules for handling complaints and protecting vulnerable customers.
With all these changes, Ofcom wants to reduce the number of telephone fraud victims in the UK and make telephone calls more secure again.

The phone number community makes it possible for consumers to enter information and comments on numbers, in Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy and more. Tellows shall prevent consumers from being deceived. More information can be found on the tellows.com and ofcom.org.uk websites.