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Worldcoo introduces its solution into the Nordic countries

Ketil OyeThe company presents its fundraising solutions into the North of Europe.

Oslo, 20th June 2018.- Worldcoo is the social company that develops and implements different charity fundraising tools in order to help NGO’s to implement their projects around the world. By the implementation of multiple solutions into different payment processes, Worldcoo establishes partnerships with different kind of companies (retailers, ecommerces, banks, and big companies) in order to promote that their customers or employees can make a micro-donation.

Today, the company announces that it begins to operate in the Nordic Market (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden), with the main pursue of helping local NGOs raise funds as well as establishing new alliances with Nordic companies. Ketil Øye is the recent appointed Country Manager for this area.

Worldcoo offers different kind of fundraising solutions for each kind of companies. All of them, with no cost. The main ones are the Charity Widget, available for e-commerces, and the Social Round Up, available for physical retailers.

The Charity Widget enables customers to add €1 to their online purchase and support a charity project. With a fast technical integration on commercial website, the company offers to collaborate with projects run by NGOs, just before customers check out their online shopping basket.

The Social Round Up is the new system recently launched, which permits people to round up the total amount of their purchase and donate the cents to a social cause at the moment they pay with credit card in a physical retail.

Apart from them, Worldcoo also offer solutions for banking companies (it allows that people can make a micro-contribution when they’re doing their online operations) and develops solutions for those companies who want to involve their employers to social causes.

Companies can choose the project they want to support from 8 different categories (Health, environment, education, poverty&food, human rights, water&energy, disaster relief and comprehensive care). All the funds collected are going entirely to many social organizations around the world. Unicef, Save the Children, Oxfam Intermon, UNHCR or Make-A-Wish are some of them.

Since 2012, Worldcoo has funded over 200 projects from more than 110 different NGOs across 45 countries. More than 163,444 people have directly benefited from these donations.

Ketil Øye, the Worldcoo’ new Country Manager in the Nordic Countries, affirms that “the entrance of Worldcoo in the Nordic Countries will help to expand their solution into the main European countries and encourage the take up of corporate social responsibility in business”.

About Worldcoo

Worldcoo develops and implements different fundraising channels to help NGOs raise funds to carry out their projects around the world. They achieve that by the collaboration of customers and employers from many kind of companies, who have the option to make a micro-donation in payment process or online platforms.

The company is committed with innovation, social commitment, and the total transparency of the projects in which they collaborate. Since May 2015, Worldcoo counts on the B Corp certification and during the same year, it was one of the SMEs chosen to receive funding from the European Commission with the Horizon 2020 Program.  For more information: http://www.worldcoo.com/en/.

Press contact
Anna Moragas Llevat
E-mail: anna.moragas@worldcoo.com
Telephone:  (+34) 936 110 104 / Mobile phone: (+34) 619 627 907
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/worldcoo – Twitter: @Worldcoo

Country Manager – Nordic countries
Ketil Øye
E-mail: ketil.oye @worldcoo.com
Mobile phone: (+47) 900 71 634
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/worldcoo – Twitter: @Worldcoo