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IoT: The Game Changer

The world is in a digital revolution, the Internet of Things has changed everything from the way we communicate, to improving business relationships and product performance. It is safe to say adopting IoT in a business is not a matter of choice, but an inevitable part of a business to stay on top of the game.

By 2020, it is anticipated that a typical household will include up to 500 Internet of Things devices. (Medium)

The best indicator and driver for implementing IoT in a business, is to recognise what problems a business is trying to solve. As an example, it might be finding a solution for how data is obtained from customers through better communication systems. Or to make people’s lives easier at home; through added convenience and speed. At Hydrate.Direct, we have embraced the change in consumer behavior and adopted IoT in our business to provide next working day water delivery to customers throughout the UK at the press of a button.

When a company or home is running low on water, they can press the Hydrate.Direct ‘smart button’. The button is a WiFi-enabled device that provides secure ordering in the cloud, via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Hydrate.Direct receives the data that they need water and sends bottles to the customer the next working day. This is the simplest solution to ordering water for office or home bottled water coolers. Communication is streamlined and hassle-free as everything is pre-configured to know customer’s delivery, payment details and what quantity they need with every order.

The button is particularly beneficial to customers outside of major UK cities who previously would have difficulty guaranteeing a delivery date for their water. Our button is disruptive technology within this industry; where ‘smart coolers’ have been mooted but not fully adopted.

Hydrate.Direct is one of the first UK SME’s to be accepted onto Amazon’s IOT Enterprise Program. The Hydrate.Direct smart button originates from Amazon’s IoT Dash Button. Adopting their button enables us to use their cloud technology and Lambda functionality. This is highly advantageous as using their IoT Services guarantees secure, scalable and dynamic operations. It provides the platform to respond to demand quickly and to adjust the button functionality to suit different customers.
Ultimately, Internet of Things is becoming more popular in industries and businesses. Already adopted within healthcare, sports, transport, energy, and government, it is penetrating retail as early adopters benefit from making their customer’s lives easier.
According to Business Insider, companies are going to spend up to $5 trillion on the Internet of Things in the next five years. Astounding figures again highlighting the growth in the realm of technology.
“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!” — Brendan O’Brien, Chief Architect & Co-Founder, Aria Systems

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