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Invisible power supply for conveyor systems

Together with the well known Producer of transformers and Power Supplies, the Puls-Group in Munich the Start-Up Avancon in Riazzino, Switzerland, developed a universal Power-Supply Unit for the field-bus AS-interface of about 30 V and for up to 20 DC-Motors of 24 V or 48 V altogether combined and build in a Crossbeam of the conveyor frame construction – which is invisible from outside.
It in called “3-in-1” Power Supply.
“One should make them invisible.” meant Dieter Specht, the founder of the Interroll Group and the inventor of the Avancon ZPC-Conveyor system. “So I got the genius idea to incorporate the Power-Supplies completely inside a Crossbeam. Because each Conveyor section – whether of 1 meter or 3 meter length needs two crossbeams in order to get a rigid construction. Of these we could use one, specially modified to get room inside for the two different power-supplies.”
Avancon SA got in touch with the famous producer of transformers and power-supplies, the Puls-Group in Munich and developed with them together the “3-in-1” Power-Supply unit for conveyor systems for 24 V or 48 V, which work in zones, as the ZPA function (Zero Pressure Accumulation).

Naturally this “3-in-1” Power-Supply was first developed for the Avancon ZPC-Conveyor System. – Now, it is finished, – invisible – and works perfectly. It was slightly modified in order to be used in almost any conveyor construction for unit handling, which has a function for ZPA (zero pressure accumulation). By this it is unimportant how the rollers or the belts are driven and where the brushless DC-motors are installed – as motor-rollers or drive-rollers integrated inside a roller or externally fixed to the profiles.

Thus any producer of conveyor systems can benefit from this Avancon “3-in-1” Power-Supply.

Here are the elements of the “3-in-1” benefits:

1. The fine anodize aluminum profile in C-form, open below for the assembly of the Power-Supplies and for the plug-in of the cables.
The lower part of the main profile will be closed with a ripped flat profile and is fixes with a few screws.
As soon as the C-profile is fixed inside the frames with self-forming screws it holds the frame strong and torsion resistant together as with other crossbeams. So everything is closed.
The “3-in-1” Power-Supply is highly efficient so that the aluminum C-profile gets about 40° C warm and furthermore the heat is fast reduced through the thermal conductivity of the aluminum material.
The crossbeam can be delivered in any length in relation to the internal width of the conveyor.
2. The Power-Supply tor the brushless DC-Motors of 24 V or 48 V. The AC current can be 110 to 240 V single phase (or double phase in Japan) and will be installed at one side of the conveyor whereas the DC-current is put at the opposite side.
Up to 20 Motors (when 24 V) can be served – depending of the cycles and the utilization.
3. In addition, there is a small board to be fixed on the main board for the supply of 30.5 V for the field-bus AS-interface. There can be up to 62 slaves/ sensors or actuators being connected. Therefore, only a few of these smaller boards are necessary in a large conveyor system. Here the cable length can be 100 meter and more.

Now, here is the point, the exceptional “3-in-1” Power-Supply for Conveyor Systems – invisible – is not expensive. – Yes, stated by Avancon SA this shall be significantly simpler and less expensive than previous methods.

Naturally there have to be additional holes in the frames for putting through the cables. In addition, the frames can be used as cable channels.

When all is assembled the Power-Supply “3-in-1” disappears – invisible. – This is not only economical but also remarkably easy and aesthetical.

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