CAD Collision Testing in Machine and Plant Engineering

The innovation team of the German-French software manufacturer CoreTechnologie (CT) has developed a new module for the 3D_Evolution series for CAD collision testing, which is specifically tailored to machine and plant engineering needs.

Precision and User Friendliness

The CAD collision calculation with the new tool takes place on the exact B-Rep descriptions, so that a precise distinction can be made between contact and penetration. This precision of the calculation in machine and plant construction was previously missing in the solutions available on the market and was the reason for the development of the new software.

The new tool avoids the fact that calculations on triangulated, only approximate models, indicate collisions that are not present in reality and in close examination. 3D_Evolution eliminates this unnecessary and impractical effect by means of a precise calculation on the exact geometry description of the CAD models and thus only indicates collisions that are actually present in reality.

Since collision analyzes are usually based on very large amounts of data, the multiprocessor calculation of the DMU Inspector software offers enormous advantages in terms of performance.

The tool is easy to use and easy to understand. In this way, the CAD collisions found can be opened directly from a list in the 3D viewer, whereby the collision areas are marked by curves and displayed very clearly. Filter functions and the tracking of collisions as well as a sophisticated reporting are designed for seamless collaboration of the design teams.

The calculation can be carried out on all standard CAD formats such as CATIA, Siemens NX, Creo as well as STEP, JT and PLMXML so that the software can be used immediately in any PLM environment without a complex integration.

Collision Avoidance

Especially in the field of machine and plant engineering, it is important to ensure already in the design phase that collisions are avoided before the assembly of the machine on site. Particularly when machines and plants are assembled abroad, manufacturers are oftentimes faced with expensive delays to fix unnecessary collisions, which now can be avoided with the new software.

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