Hollywood actor Terence Stamp wraps himself in Royal Eiderdown

“I got my first eiderdown duvet 30 years ago as a gift and fell for it.” Said Mr. Stamp to Royal Eiderdown´s Hreggvidur S Magnusson, founder. Terence Stamp has been acting for 50 years and is a world class actor having played in theatre and big Hollywood films for many years. “The Royal Eiderdown duvet is simply amazing and I cherish it dearly” he continued.

Magnusson said, “Mr. Stamp is one of those iconic actors and just hearing his voice you get mesmerized by his presence. It is an honor to have him as one of our valued customers”. He is truly a connoisseur who values a quality product such as an eiderdown duvet from Royal Eiderdown.

The eider duck is a wild bird and the eiderdown is shed naturally off the female´s chest. No harm comes to the bird. “This process is completely 100% eco-friendly and eco-sustainable” says Hreggvidur S Magnusson. Our eiderdown is handpicked off the isles in West Iceland on the Skarð property. The Skarð family have been living at Skarð since 1105, with centuries heritage and tradition.

At Royal Eiderdown we build upon this heritage and pursuit of excellence. After all you spend a third of your life under a duvet. So why not do it in the ultimate comfort with a duvet from Royal Eiderdown.

Terence Stamp
Terence Stamp