Kristjan Mar Hauksson

Social Media Days Conference in Oslo featuring Kristjan Mar Hauksson as a moderator

The 2017 Social Media Days in Oslo is to feature Kristjan Mar Hauksson COO of the Oslo Based activation agency SMFB Engine and co-author of Global Search Engine Marketing. For the 2017 Social Media Days event Kristjan Mar Hauksson will be speaking and moderating during at the event that includes industry think-tanks such as Yusuf Omar, Hindustan Times; Ghopi Prabaharan, Prabamedia; Ida Aalen, Netlife Research, Jan Grønbech, Google Norge and Geir Ove Pedersen, Geeohsnap to mention few.

Hauksson is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at the Norwegian based creative activation agency SMFB Engine. SMFB Engine works with great clients such as Diadora, Ikea, Nordic Choice Hotels and Mondelez to mention few. Besides having written couple of books, Hauksson has served on the board of directors of SEMPO and was the 2014 European Search Personality of the year.

“To me the theme of Social Media Days is very important, Social Media is one of the leading force in modern communications and we should be constantly learning about what is out there while focusing on creative thinking in strategy and execution.” Says Kristjan Mar Hauksson when asked about the conference.

Hauksson will be moderating and co speaking at the session “SNAPCHAT, FILTERS & FAKE NEWS” with Ludvik Høegh-Krohn, OMG  and Geir Ove Pedersen, Geeohsnap.

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