How to Dress Right and Enjoy the 2017: Tips From Experts

There are many ways for you to enjoy the new year. It’s a fine chance for you to improve your image by looking better, perhaps. Some women go through rigorous fitness regimes just to make this happen, but what better way to look good now than with good clothes? Whether you’re looking for a prom dress uk or a wedding dress 2017, here are some tips for you:

Examine your wardrobe

As the year starts, it’s good to have a deep evaluation of your wardrobe. Which pieces do you think really make you stand out the best? Which ones do you think you’ve overworn? Try to get rid of pieces which you think you’re not likely to wear again and give them to charity or put them in the box. Your main wardrobe should only hold clothes and dresses you’re likely to wear everyday for work, during the weekends, and a few special pieces for weddings and other formal events.

Some clothes are worth investing in

A little black dress, a white one that shows off your figure on a cocktail event during the summer, or a floral piece that could be your go-to for elegant but casual get-togethers with high school friends could be worth the extra dollars. However, look into their material and their style. How many uses will the fabric last you? Is the style timeless enough to wear through the years or is it too trendy and year- or season- specific? Is the cut right for your body type? These things matter while you’re looking into what to throw out and what to keep.

Are there classic pieces you still don’t have?

While fashion sometimes takes the backseat when you’re on a budget, it sometimes pays to purchase classic pieces while they are on sale. While men in their 30s often need black shoes and at least two decent suits, depending on their lifestyle, women also need these classic pieces. In fact, owning classic and simple pieces which one can accessorize with later on to wear differently can help you save money. It’s better than purchasing a variation of black or neutral dresses which are trendy during the season but tacky a few months after that.

Are you true to your body type?

An outfit can look differently on different women. There are very few clothes that look good on all types of body shapes. Are you being true to your own body shape? While looking through your wardrobe, it is best to get rid of pieces that do not improve the way you look. Remember, the way you clothe yourself can have serious implications on your self-esteem, to it is always good to look your best. When shopping for clothes, it will also be advantageous to know which cuts generally work best for your body shape. You might also want to be more mindful about your size especially when you are shopping online.

Invest in good fabrics

Know where to get pieces with good fabrics. Breathable but thick fabrics can withstand the test of time. You will be able to use these high-quality dresses for years as long as you know how to properly take care of them. Purchase from credible online shops which practice stringent quality control. Some of them even sell elegant and timeless wedding dresses.

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