RREC - A Legacy of Luxury

Royal Eiderdown profiled in A Legacy of Luxury – Celebrating the RREC´s Diamond Jubilee

London, UK, 5 January 2017 – As one of the world´s most prestigious car clubs, the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club (RREC) has thousands of devoted members around the globe. Established in 1957, the club is celebrating its diamond jubilee over the coming year and to mark this milestone, it launched a new publication entitled A Legacy of Luxury – Celebrating the RREC´s Diamond Jubilee at the royal residence of Kensington Palace in London.

Produced by leading London publisher St. James´s House and written by an editorial team of experts, aficionados and tastemakers, the beautifully designed, 444-page hardback spotlights Rolls Royce motor cars past and present and delves into the finer things in life. Richard Freed, Director of Publishing at St. James´s House, said: „What better way to launch this wonderful book than with a celebration of the finer things in life? “

On those lines, Royal Eiderdown is profiled in a two-page piece on the luxury, pedigree and heritage of Royal Eiderdown. A tradition for over 500 years, with the first documented exchange of an eiderdown duvet from Skarð, West Iceland, in 1455AD. It is with this heritage Royal Eiderdown builds upon attention to detail and a commitment to excellence creating higher standards for our customers. Royal Eiderdown duvets only came into being as a luxury brand in 2014, so the lucky few who manage to order a cloud-like duvet are only now catching up on the centuries-old secret to a delicious night´s sleep.

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