Novocare Dental Offers Revolutionary Technology for Patients Denied Implants

logoNovocare Dental, a leading private dental clinic offering a range of treatments including dental implants, has leveraged the PRGF®-Endoret® technology for bone grafting, giving patients who were previously deemed unsuitable for implant treatments a new ray of hope.

The game-changing tissue and bone regeneration procedure known as PRGF, or plasma rich in growth factors, uses an advanced technique to separate proteins from the blood plasma. The proteins separated by this technique are responsible for healing wounds and the regeneration of tissue. After their separation from the blood plasma, these proteins are applied to the treatment area to accelerate the repair process.

For a successful dental implant, the bone in the jaw is fused with a titanium implant to create a strong and sturdy platform that supports the area around the implant. The reason many patients are denied implants is that they do not have enough bone or bone depth in their jaw bone.

Since the PRGF Endoret technology helps in the regeneration of bone and tissue; it has proved highly effective in solving the problem. Moreover, this contemporary regenerative technology deploys the body’s own abilities to heal and repair itself. This means that tissues are regenerated without any side effects. This lowers the period of recovery for dental implant and gum surgery, which in turn reduces the risks of post-surgical complications and infection. Pain is also greatly reduced.

PRGF Endoret technology is also used for sinus elevations, intraosseous defects, crestal expansion and the treatment of periodontal defects. The technology has been developed by BTI Biotechnology Institute, a research focused organisation with a presence in 25 countries.

Leading implantologist and founder of Novocare Dental, Dr. Sonny Oke says, “With PRGF bone grafting, there’s new hope for people who’ve been turned down for dental implant surgery.” Dr. Oke is a specialist oral surgeon with more than ten years of hospital experience. He is a member of the Association of Implantology and the British Dental Association.

Dr. Oke adds, “At our dental clinic, patients have access to the latest techniques, the most modern facilities and a highly professional dental team. We offer the latest dental technology to increase the options for patients and to ensure they benefit from the best possible treatment. Our greatest reward is when people get their smile back.”

Apart from the revolutionary PRGF Endoret technology, Novocare Dental uses other state-of-the-art dental technology including digital radiography, intra oral cameras, computerised imaging, CEREC crowns (crowns designed, fabricated and fitted in just an hour), Snap-On Smile (creating a set of natural looking teeth that one can place over existing teeth) and Damon Braces (the modern way to straighten teeth, with less discomfort and fewer dentist visits).