Workplace Collaboration Tools Are the New IT Solutions

Computacenter logoComputacenter, creator of Digital Me, a new approach to helping businesses achieve people-oriented digitisation, understands the importance of a collaborative workplace. The Digital Me approach is about bringing into play a range of innovative collaboration tools in the workplace—team collaboration tools, as well as workplace communication tools—to enhance speed and efficiency, ensure creativity and productivity, and facilitate greater success in achieving business outcomes. As Andreas Török, Head of Group Propositions at Computacenter, argues, workplace collaboration tools are a central principle in Digital Me’s strategy to providing IT solutions to businesses and organisations that are embracing the digital revolution.

Computacenter believes that digital workplace transformation takes place on a large scale, but at the level of the individual. According to Andreas, as the workplace environment shifts to more digital platforms and the work styles and practices radically change, “the individual must be placed at the very heart of the transformation.” Thus, Digital Me works by empowering employees with the most appropriate digital technologies and tools to meet their individual needs. “Because no two people work in the same way, a transformation project must bring everyone along,” says Andreas. “What’s needed, and what today’s digital tools offer, is flexibility; allowing people to consume the devices and services that work for them – while empowering all individuals to contribute to the success of the organisation.”

Digital Me puts people first in a digital environment. By providing them with customised access to a host of digital dashboards, data, and analytics, which they can access from anywhere at any time, it enables them to effectively engage and share information with both co-workers and team leaders, and their customers. The benefits to utilising such an approach are numerous. Andreas points out, “We can give staff the tools to make their jobs easier, faster, and more satisfying. We can dramatically enhance innovation. The ability to collaborate with colleagues across the world introduces new perspectives and generates ideas. And with cost reduction an ever present priority, our ability to consolidate real estate, and to eliminate travel and commuting costs through more flexible ways to work, rather sales the deal.”

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