Classroom Management Has Never Been Easier

It is hard to teach a group of people how to use a PC, or even how to use a specific program on a PC or the internet.

Yes, PC or web training isn’t easy. For everyone who’s doing something right, there are probably two doing it wrong, one playing games, checking his email, shopping…

Classroom Spy Professional from is a classroom monitoring and management application. It enables remote interaction between the user on the administrator computer and users of individual computers over LAN, WLAN, VPN and the internet. Once installed and configured, the program lets you see what’s going on the screens of remote machines and, if needed, take full control over the mouse and keyboard of any machine. There is also an ability to show your own screen to remote users and execute some admin operations. The program encrypts screen data as well as mouse and keyboard input.

Classroom Spy Professional, as the name implies, has been designed for the use in a classroom or a computer lab. It can effectively be used by the teacher to observe student work as they do some task on the computers. At any moment, the teacher can offer advice or criticism to a student by using the remote control feature. The activities of any student can be recorded for further analysis and assessment. The software is great for making training presentations, especially if there is no projector in the classroom. The teacher can use the existing computer infrastructure to deliver a presentation directly to the screens of remote users.

The software provides complete control over the remote machines. Being able to administer all computers from the administrator machine, the teacher can send a message or lock workstations to get students attention before moving to the next stage of instruction or giving a new assignment. It’s also possible to prevent internet browsing and execute various admin commands, for example, log off users, turn off, restart, hibernate, or suspend one or all remote computers at once with a single mouse click. There is also an ability to schedule remote computers desktop recording and record remote activities even when there is nobody monitoring computers.