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Ben Myers CEO of Advant Technology speaker at The Digitalization of Communication

Ben Myers CEO of Advant Technology Ltd will be a speaker at The Digitalization of Communication #DOC16 conference taking place in Oslo, Norway.
During his presentation, he will discuss how the speed of change in digital communication continues to steepen, how our behaviors are changing and discussing how there has been a shift in ‘communication power’, from brands to consumers.

Ben Myers will also cover changes in in the way brands need to think about themselves and communicate with programmatic advertising tools.
The Digitalization of Communication event will have key speakers including Bas Van der Belt and Ben Chapman from the BBC, and Nick Wilsdon from the Vodafone Group. The #DOC16 event will provide great insight from leaders within the digital marketing industry on how brands can address the digitalization of communication.

Advant Technology is based out of London, Farringdon in the head-quarters of the Digital Innovation Group. Advant Technology works with some of the world’s largest brands and agencies delivering multi-million dollar global programmatic campaigns across display, native, and video advertising formats on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

The #DOC16 conference asked Ben Myers: What do those relaying on communications have to think about?

“The challenge brands face is how to continue leverage the upside of technology in communication, whilst being human and emotive. Never before have brands been able to communicate so many different messages across so many types of media, so quickly. It’s a complex eco-system to navigate and get right, and brands will have to become more data driven to drive efficiencies.”

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