Ukraine will take a global scientific conference Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 and forum Falling Walls Venture 2016

technologyKlitschko Foundation initiates conducting of global scientific conference in Ukraine
The launch pad for scientific ideas Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 and Falling Walls Venture Kyiv 2016 will be opened in congress and exhibition center “Parkovyy” on September, 29. To present the scientific idea in three minutes in front of the academic community and get a scholarship for implementation of your project? Ten years ago we could not even dream about it. To implement the scientific discovery you had to go through a number of instances and get the approval of the scientific community. But now the scientific community has come to young and cocky generators of progressive ideas.

At the time when the world is driven by startups which are transformed into global projects, academic science can not stand apart.
A big step towards convergence of talented scientists and research institutes, laboratories and centers of academic and applied science was made on November, 9, in 2009, when was presented Falling Walls Conference. The date was chosen not by chance: exactly 20 years ago in this day the Berlin Wall fell. Project slogan is: “Which are the next walls to fall?”. The wall of the conference concept symbolizes the problems which members have to solve.

The Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 and the Falling Walls Venture Kyiv 2016 are the preliminary rounds of the Falling Walls project. The winners of these rounds will go to Berlin to present their ideas at the Falling Walls Lab 2016 and the Falling Walls Venture 2016 along with the participants from other countries. Afterwards the jury will select four finalists – three in the Lab nomination and one in the Venture nomination. They will get a chance to address the large international audience at the main stage of the Falling Walls Conference project and to convey their ideas to the entire world.
The Falling Walls Conference is an annual meeting of the best minds from 80 countries of the world. Its purpose is to find the opportunities to solve the global problems, to establish an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and to convey the new outstanding inventions to the large audience. The prominent scientists, thinkers and businessmen will come to Berlin to speak about the scientific breakthroughs in their field. The Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 and the Falling Walls Venture Kyiv 2016 winners will also get an opportunity to visit the Falling Walls Conference.
The world is waiting for ideas from the Ukrainian youth!
In Ukraine Falling Wall Lab is held for the second time in history. The first representative of Ukraine at the conference was Alina Nosenko, Director of Klitschko Foundation, which performed in Berlin in 2012.
Alina Nosenko, Director of Klitschko Foundation: “A recent report of the European Commission of innovation shows that Ukraine is on the last places in the innovation list among more than 30 countries. We need to be more integrated into the international scientific community, to improve the funding of R&D direction, to increase innovations of small and medium-sized business. Falling Walls Lab and Falling Walls Venture are intended to stimulate society to meet these challenges. Next year we are planning to develop the project in Ukraine and conduct regional laboratories in such a cities as Lviv, Dnepro, Odessa and Kharkiv”.
Vitali Klitschko, the founder of Klitschko Foundation: “When we are talking about science in Ukraine, we have something to be proud of. Kiev launches Smart City technologies to make Ukrainian people’s life more comfortable. We need more platforms and opportunities for disclosing this potential as well as demand from big business. We are trying to change the situation. Scientific projects Falling Walls Lab and Falling Walls Venture in Kiev is a great step towards the recognition of our country in the European scientific community. We have to revive the faith in Ukrainian science and give a chance to Kiev to become one of the reputable research centers in Europe”.
Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 and Falling Walls Venture 2016 are springboards for young inventors and entrepreneurs who want to build business on the basis of innovational ideas. This year conferences will be held with the support of EPAM Systems Ukraine, Softserve Kyiv, GlobalLogic Ukraine, Bayer and Microsoft Ukraine.
You are welcome to the Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016 and Falling Walls Venture 2016!