Alite International becomes Platinum Partner to inRiver

aliteAlite International has been appointed as one of the exclusive selected platinum-certified global partner companies to inRiver. “A long and determined focus on the right things and an excellent team has made us reach this goal”, said Alite International’s founder and CEO, Fredrik Alstierna.

Fast-growing digital innovation and management consultancy, Alite International has been appointed as global platinum-certified partner companies to inRiver. This, the highest level in inRivers Partner Program, not only means that Alite International strengthens its cooperation with inRiver. It also means that the company now takes a position among an exclusively selected group of companies, adding an extremely high quality stamp in the eyes of existing and prospective customers.

“Becoming inRivers Platinum Partner is no doubt a great success for us”, said Fredrik Alstierna, CEO and founder of Alite International. “This certification means that we earlier will have access to information about inRivers future plans and products, which indeed is a huge advantage for our customers and our staff ”, he said.

To become Platinum Partner to inRiver requires that the supplier obtain a certain number of transactions, referrals, leads and has a certain number of certified consultants among the staff. In addition, the company also must reach up to a certain level of market activities and other commitments.

Alite International is helping global companies to create digital revenue, either on existing business models, or by helping the client to create entirely new digital business models. Customers include companies in the insurance, publishing, telecoms and traditional industry, and are leaders in their field, conducting global operations. Alite International has since the start grown organically and has a presence in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia, Macedonia and England. The company employs around eighty people.