Computacenter introduces the Information, Big Data and Analytics Solution Insight Guide

Due to the increasing demand for data-driven procedures, improved ways of working and, greater experiences, experts say that getting the most from your data will depend on modernised and transformed core IT systems and infrastructure. In response to this need, Computacenter has gathered the knowledge of four data experts, as well as an independent legal professional, and created a concise Insight Guide on information, big data and analytics.

“Data is everywhere and everything. It’s what we do with the data, how we turn it into information guiding effective decision making, that determines success,” says Neil Eke Solutions Sales Director, Computacenter.

Nowadays, managing data is a core element of any well managed company – this includes data security and IT operations analytics. With one estimate suggesting that mobile data traffic alone will triple to exceed 173 million TB by 2018 (Gartner), data traffic is experiencing a remarkable rise on a global scale. In order to capitalise on this opportunity, it is vital for businesses to possess the right infrastructure to transform data into insight. Through devices, applications and interfaces, the impact and effect of information, data and analytics are experienced at the IT edge, functioning only when it is connected to capability at the IT core.

“The more we use data to understand customer interactions, the more effective we will be in terms of our engagement around customers’ actual needs and wants, not what we ‘think’ we should push to them,” Aleem Cummins Chief Technology Officer, Data Analytics, Computacenter.

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