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New online advice to help tourists and business travellers sleep safe and sound

Bodhi360, a situational awareness and risk management specialist, has recently launched its first e-learning package, ‘Hotel Safety and Security – the art of staying safe when travelling abroad’.  Designed to help people understand and overcome inherent travel accommodation risks, the course has been compiled by a team with wide-ranging expertise and substantial experience within UK Special Forces.

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, has become part of everyday life. People know to pack suntan lotion and to get appropriate insurance, because they know the consequences.  However, Bodhi360’s Special Forces veterans are keen to ensure holidaymakers and business travellers alike are given a broader range of knowledge and skills to ensure  they stay safe and secure when away from home.

The recent high profile story of British backpacker Eleanor Hawkins,  fined and jailed for posing naked on a sacred Malaysian mountain,  highlights just how easily things can go wrong.  It shows that cultural ignorance can get you in hot water,  and that travel-related education definitely has an important part to play to help eliminate the risk of such situations occurring.  So Bodhi360 is launching a range of online training packages, aimed at taking a fresh approach to the provision of situational awareness and risk management when travelling.

The first course, ‘Hotel Safety and Security’, provides extensive advice on pre-trip preparation, arriving at your destination, checking room security, through to day-to-day safety during your stay.  It costs £23 and is accessible 24/7 to companies and independent travellers worldwide via the Bodhi360 website,  .

Commented Dougie Eaglesham, director at Bodhi360: “An individual’s safety when travelling or working away is of paramount importance.  Although everyone needs to take at least some responsibility for themselves, employers also have a duty of care to ensure their people are adequately prepared for the environment they are entering.  So I’m hopeful that business, as well as independent travellers, will embrace our first module and provide staff with the preparation they need when travelling.

“Bodhi360 can also provide a blended approach to learning, combining e-learning modules and bespoke ‘face-to-face’ input, designed to raise awareness and help keep people safe.  On a recent engagement to prepare an academic for a trip to Iraqi Kurdistan, we updated the university’s risk assessment and provided the individual with both online and face-to-face training to get them ready for the trip.  Of course, we would always encourage people to heed government advice on travelling to the world’s troublespots, but if they are going anyway, we can help them prepare!”

So, whether you want smart tips on staying safe on holiday, or you need advanced preparation for travel to a conflict zone,  Bodhi360 can help.  For further information, visit the website or email at:

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