wagamama it outsourcing wanstor

wagamama outsource their IT to Wanstor

wagamama and Wanstor expand their relationship with a multi-year Outsourcing contract, where Wanstor take responsibility for the entire wagamama Operational IT function.

Technology has always been important to wagamama and over a period of time a small team of staff had built up which whilst serving the company well, lacked the scale to match the operational requirements of a business with long opening hours and weekend and evening service requirements. As wagamama grew, the importance of 24hr, 7-day a week service for all IT issues and restaurant IT Support became increasingly apparent. Everything with a plug needed some form of support. As a thriving restaurant business dependent on technology, wagamama needed scale to assist with the operation of restaurant IT services.

Richard Tallboy, Director of Business Development at wagamama explains. “Our Teams had dozens of services and systems to support and different numbers to call, all going to 3rd party support desks, depending on the fault. Once logged, the calls needed to be tracked and managed.”

The vision for wagamama was to have a single point of contact for a restaurant IT Support Desk that provided support, a monitoring and ownership, from the initial fault to the final resolution whilst at the same time meeting the key business objective of achieving “Excellence in restaurant and head office IT support services”. wagamama had a busy period of development ahead and needed to add scale to the service team in order to support this.

For the senior team at wagamama, quality of service was of paramount importance. It was also important that a process of continual improvement was in operation that not only resolved issues as they arose, but looked into why problems manifested themselves and sought to avoid future repetition.

“wagamama relies on technology to help deliver a positive experience to our customers. As such, it was vital that we partnered with an organisation that had an in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry and who had the right people, systems and processes in place to help us meet our customer’s demands. Our new fully outsourced Restaurant IT support model will help wagamama continue to set ourselves apart at a time when we are looking to focus on growing our business.” said Richard Tallboy, Director of Business Development at wagamama.

The result is that restaurants now have a single point on contact, instead of previously having to pick one of a number of 3rd parties to resolve IT Support problems.