Sarah wearing the Esja Womens Jacket

A home away from home dressed for the elements by 66°North

A US couple who uprooted to Iceland with the intention of getting to know the people that make up the “Land of Fire and Ice” rather than just appreciate it for its stunning landscape have spoken of their story to date.

Hunter Lawrence and his wife Sarah moved to Iceland in February to get a real feel for the people of the tiny North Atlantic island – and not just the awe-inspiring scenery – in order to document their day-to-day lives.

Having first visited the country on their honeymoon in 2013, the couple couldn’t wait to return and take in more of what it had to offer. But as the nation of just 330,000 people became ever more popular, they soon began to realise people returning from their trips spoke only of the sights and never of the people.

This was why the couple set out with a plan to get to know and befriend the locals and learn how they earned their livings to provide for their families. And Hunter says that so far everyone has been warm and welcoming, while some will remain friends for life.

With the intention of focusing on Icelanders and how they live their lives and experiencing day-to-day living firsthand alongside them, they set out to join locals during their daily working routines.

They wanted to see the trials and tribulations of the fisherman who sets sail in rough waters, the Arctic surfer who braves the ice-cold seas, the pilots of small aircrafts who fly over the country and the farmer who has to contend with freezing conditions on a regular basis.

During their adventure, the couple don the attire of Icelandic brand 66°North, an outdoor clothing manufacturer famed for producing workers’ clothes suitable for the conditions faced in the island nation. The company has recently delved into the world of fashion, offering a wide range of products for all four seasons.

Hunter and Sarah hope their project – #StoriesAcrissTheNorthAtlantic, which ultimately they would like made into a book – will inspire others to get to know the culture behind the people that make up this intriguing land and not just enjoy the views it has to offer. Hunter added that life is not just about stamps in a passport, but about the relationships people can make.

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