One Fantastic Shop launch: A new e-commerce website with a start-up focus

Paris, France – March 09, 2015 – Consultant and entrepreneur Franck Vidal and his team are proud to announce the launch of a new e-commerce site centered on European start-up technology, “Global consumers are curious and excited about emerging technology that makes life better,” he said and then added, “But it’s difficult for them to make purchasing decisions without a single resource that brings these great products together.”

Although online shoppers love tech and the idea of buying from and supporting small start-up ventures, before now there hasn’t been a single website dedicated to both showcasing and selling these products. The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, with an estimated 191 million digital shoppers in the U.S. alone, along with another 264 million across Europe. The challenges of opening and maintaining a brick-and-mortar location are often too much for start-up companies, and e-commerce allows them to educate and sell their products to a global audience. The focus behind Vidal’s new endeavor is to help customers find outstanding products that can make a difference in their lives, while helping businesses to expand and gain a following.

One Fantastic Shop offers a different kind of online shopping experience, complete with an educational blog that features different products from the website. Shoppers can expect personal customer service and browsing in their choice of English, Spanish, or French. Vidal works closely with each of the companies listed on the site to ensure that the prices on One Fantastic Shop are as low as possible. Vidal added, “We hope that as our customer base and sales will grow rapidly so that we can expand into new markets and feature even more fantastic products.”

Examples include the “Mother,” a sensor system that helps you track and organize your life, the “Dualo,” a music instrument designed to be totally intuitive to play. The site also includes a section of devices specifically for children, such as the “Linkoo,” the first connected watch that allows parents to know where their kids are and communicate with them, without the need for an expensive cell phone.

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