WW1 Tank Mark V

ETC encourages students to visit the Tank Museum in Dorset

Students undergoing the Military English course at the ETC International College are encouraged to check out the impressive tank collection of the Tank Museum in Dorset.

ETC International College believes that all overseas students should have the opportunity to maximize their learning experience while in the UK. Over the years, the college has signed collaboration contracts with various institutions in the Bournemouth region to ensure undergraduates have access to a wide variety of off-school activities.

Students following the Military English course now have the opportunity to enhance their language proficiency by visiting the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset. Pupils undergoing different courses can also visit the Tank Museum if they’re passionate or simply curious about modern history.

The Tank Museum follows the history of these impressive machines, from their invention in 1915 and glimpses into the future. The museum is home to the broadest and finest collection of tanks from all across the globe. Currently, attendees can see over 150 tanks from 26 countries and that tell their own story about the past 100 years. Visitors will not only be able to check out some of the most outstanding 35 tanks in history, but will also receive a guided tour based on the accounts of real veterans.

The museum provides schools and individuals with comprehensive packages that can help them learn more about warfare, British history, the Royal Armoured Corps and armoured vehicles. Schools and colleges can take advantage of the various workshops provided by the museum and that are linked to the current curricula. The museum representatives are also willing to work with learning facilities to ensure that their organized visit supports their learning objectives.

The Tank Museum provides all-inclusive programmes and workshop for groups involved in Further or Higher Education schemes. Students who intend to continue their education in the UK after graduating from ETC International College can participate in elaborated talks regarding the modern history of Britain, US and Europe. The lectures at the museum are an excellent way to fathom a student’s knowledge on various schemes of study.

Since the 20th of September, the Tank Museum hosts the Britain At War show, an event that celebrates the 70th anniversary of D-Day. In addition to witnessing an impressive range of live displays, participants have the unique opportunity to check out various D-Day artifacts. Diaries, maps and photos related to the events on D-Day will be exhibited during all three sessions in the Educational Room. Attendees are also encourages to actively participate in the follow-up discussion and bring their very own D-Day memorabilia.

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