Lithuanian digital design production company “Gamadigi” has a new CEO

The Lithuanian-Scandinavian venture capital company “Gamadigi”, has a new CEO – Indrė Šimukonytė, who has worked in Germany’s advertising industry for seven years. She assures that her main attention will be dedicated to the optimization of project management and implementing some of the most successful methods she learned in Germany.

The new CEO changes Julija Moisenko, who ran the company for two years.

“There are ambitious goals set for Gamadigi. We will seek to increase company’s competitiveness and brand awareness. My experience and contacts, established while working abroad with clients such as BMW and Nivea, will be useful when trying to accomplish these goals“, – says I. Šimukonytė.

New work scheduling and allocation methods will be implemented in the company.

“I’ve noticed there is a lack of attention for strategic details and adequate result measurement tools in Lithuanian companies, therefore my responsibility is to systematically manage and plan projects of “Gamadigi“. We will distribute work among the employees in the most efficient way. It is the only way to achieve the best results“, – the leader of a company tells.

The main advantages of “Gamadigi“ are flexibility, efficiency and the staff, who are all professionals in their respective fields. These traits will be the basis for the process of strengthening and developing the company’s corporate image.

“The corporate reputation building process is continuous and we will seek the media and other stakeholders to know and perceive us better. I want to emphasize the flexibility and efficiency of “Gamadigi“. We have a strong team of professionals here and each and every of us is passionate about his job. In fact, our completed projects talk for themselves,” – I. Šimukonytė recognizes.

Indrė Šimukonytė admits that she will have to familiarize herself with the Lithuanian market and differences in clients’ needs and expectations comparing to those in Germany.

“I managed marketing campaigns for a few well-known brands such as Nivea, BMW, Triumph International and other. This experience allowed me to understand the global advertising market. Now I can see that clients in Lithuania are more impulsive and prone to take decisions quickly. They also spend less money on marketing. Meanwhile in Germany clients consult advertising agencies from the very beginning of each project, spend larger amounts on communication and prepare very detailed communication strategies“, – CEO of “Gamadigi“ says.

Before coming back to Lithuania, Indrė Šimukonytė lived in Germany for 14 years, where she graduated her bachelor and master degrees. She worked in one of the oldest advertising agencies “Draft FCB Hamburg“, well-known concern “Moët Hennessy“, Germany’s advertising agencies “Brandplatform“, “Die Crew“ and “Dorten“.

About the company

“Gamadigi” is a Lithuanian-Finnish company that specializes in visual communication solutions. Established in 2012 it operates in Lithuanian, Scandinavian and Western European digital design production markets. It offers digital design, video editing, web development, graphic design and banner design/resizing services. Professional, flexible, effective and modern – “Gamadigi” is here to save your valuable time, offer its’ expertise and modern solutions.

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