What is IOT? – Machine-to-Machine technology is on the increase

What is IOT? – Machine-to-Machine technology is on the increaseMarketing Release – Machine-to-Machine devices connected to Internet are on the increase. Research conducted by Machina states that devices making up the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) are set to double, from 4.4 billion connected devices in 2014 to 10.3 billion by 2018.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology, benefits not only businesses but their customers by reducing downtime thanks to efficient communication between machines via remote connections.

According to Machina’s report, the leading sectors utilising M2M are the automotive sector and the energy and utilities sector.

The automotive sector has been using M2M devices for many years for remote maintenance and infotainment, and the energy and utilities sector has also embraced M2M for ‘smarter’ homes and office solutions.

Vodafone has been promoting and leading the way in M2M solutions for over two decades, and is currently the leading provider of M2M solutions globally.

The company’s global M2M platform gives organisations the opportunity to centrally manage M2M deployments across multiple territories, giving businesses greater control, and at a lower risk and cost.

More information on all Vodafone’s M2M possibilities can be found here, as well as other articles and stories on Machine-to-Machine technology via www.worldofm2m.com.