Free SEO eBook for brands released by Linkdex

What does it take to be visible and persuasive at the crucial moment a consumer should find your brand? Linkdex is proud to present a 335 page eBook, SEO Now, which explores this very question.

The eBook features conversations on the topic of SEO Now with 27 thought-leaders, from pioneers of digital marketing, to global brands and search industry experts.

SEO Now gives a stunning insider perspective on the conversations going on within the search industry.

Contributors include well-known figureheads of the search industry, such as Danny Sullivan, Bruce Clay, Marty Weintraub, and representatives from global brands, such as Microsoft, Airbnb, ABC News, Adobe and Expedia, and many more — all giving their unique views on the state of SEO.

The eBook also includes the fictional, but highly insightful story of Third Space Travel, a global travel company that find themselves falling foul of the algorithm updates, but go on to build a framework for an organic strategy designed to win in the organic space.

The presentation for Third Space Travel’s Organic Strategy is included and readers are encouraged to discuss and add their own ideas on how to develop the best SEO strategy for 2014.

The eBook is available online on the Linkdex website here for free download.