TripAdvisor users rate number one hotel in Reykjavik

TripAdvisor users rate number one hotel in ReykjavikTripAdvisor users have rated Reykjavik4you Apartments Hotel as the number one hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland, according to 182 positive reviews by users of the travel recommendations website.

“We are extremely happy with this honour and grateful to all our wonderful guests who have stayed with us over the years. Spring 2014 will mark our 5-year anniversary and we abide by the same values that we started with – a family-run hotel where the owners operate the front desk and greet guests,” commented  Svala Óskarsdóttir, Hotel Manager at Reykjavik4you Apartments.  

Svala continued, “Being able to welcome guests from all over the world  and give them a taste of old Icelandic hospitality is something we dreamt about from the start and our motto has always been ‘Your Home in Iceland’. We have enjoyed meeting and accommodating all of our lovely guests over the years and we hope to see them, their friends, and families  again in the near future – and of course we look forward to welcoming new travellers from all over the world, too.”

Reykjavik4you Apartments Hotel is located in Reykjavik city centre within short walking distance from Reykjavik’s main attractions and facilities. Laugavegur and Skolavordustigur, Reykjavik’s main shopping streets, are just a short walk away, accommodating a variety of quaint fashion boutiques, cosy coffee shops and top-quality restaurants.