A homework solution library available as study aid for students

 Express-Helpline.com is a study aid service that has continued to rise in popularity on college campuses, sparking discussion about the threat of these study aids and whether or not they discourage traditional learning.

The market for online study tools is poised for explosive growth and Express-Helpline.com’s product offering, and growing and passionate community clearly make it the leader in the space. We are very excited about the possibilities and potential. A social network of educators, college students and scholars interested in math and science answers questions to help students.

The Express-Helpline.com provides the kind of help we wish we had when we were in school.

We publish study aids to enhance and encourage learning, never to substitute for careful, thorough reading of class materials,” the company said on its Web site.

Whitney Sweeney, a sophomore in the School of Communication, said that study aids like Express-Helpline.com are harmless because they help students learn quickly and easily.

“I love Express-Helpline.com,” Adrianne said. “[Using it] is a good way to review mass amounts of information for a test or final.”

Cherry Griffin, a sophomore in the School of International Service, said that study aids like Express-Helpline.com that offer detailed solutions can be a lifesaver for students who are struggling with hard courses.

“[Study aids] that have step-by-step solutions are good for students who might be completely lost the night before a big test,” said Griffin. “They give those students some last-minute help.”

Parents don’t have to leave home to find homework help for their children. At Express-Helpline.com, students stuck on math and science problems can get help, almost in real time. Paid members can ask questions and get answer from real experts.

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