Join My Clan Online to form new Scottish clans and relationships

Social networks allow for new friendships to be formed through mutual friends or through common likes and interests. They have also made it easy for people to keep in touch with friends and family. Nowadays, there are also social networks specifically for people within a certain demographic. One such network is My Clan Online; this is one of the top Scottish Networks for Scotsmen and Scots-women who would like to connect with others with a Scottish heritage.

When non-Scottish people think of Scotland, the first things that come to mind are bagpipes, kilts and sheep. However, true people of Scottish lineage know that the Scotland heritage encompasses far more than those cliché images. For these people, they take great pride of the history that includes the legendary William Wallace who fought for the independence of Scotland from a tyrannical English King. They are also proud of the Gaelic language and dialect.

Scottish Irish men and women can be found all over the globe. However, the total population is rather small, so most may not know other Scots outside their family. However, even if separated by distance, these people can now form a whole new community with My Clan Online. Through this site, users can mingle with others of Scots-Irish descent, share stories, photos and send messages regarding Scottish festivals, fairs and current events relevant to the community.

Some Scottish families have deep roots that they can trace back hundreds of years. They may also have a Scottish heraldry complete with a coat of arms that distinguishes Scottish clans from one another. For a Scot, the heraldry is a family crest and a great source of pride as it is a large part of their identity. Scottish clans tartans are another significant symbol as each family may have one of certain colors and patterns assigned to their clan. The tartan pattern may also be found on flags, kilts and crests. These are all common points of interests that people can share with their fellow Scots at My Clan Online.

The Scottish diaspora is one that is worldwide. Through Scotland’s Social Network, you can connect and form lasting relationships through a common heritage. This is the place for forming relationships and making acquaintances with people from other countries and continents that you would otherwise never have a chance to meet.

My Clan Online is also providing plenty of incentives for those who sign up. Those who create an account with the site will have a chance to win one of two vacation packages. This includes a Caribbean Cruise for four and a trip to the 2014 Ryder Cup golf competition. Of course, these trips are just added bonuses; the real prize lies in connecting with new faces and forming new bonds with your fellow Scots.

People connect better when they have a common bond; having a related culture and heritage are one of the strongest bonds that can connect groups of people together. If you want to further explore your roots, then joining My Clan online is the best thing you can do next to actually stepping foot into Scotland.

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