Energy management solution beneficial for organisations states white paper

Energy management solution beneficial for organisations states white paperThe energy management solution, Energy Data Management, is beneficial for organisations that need to monitor and control across multiple sites, states a new white paper by Vodafone.

Energy Data Management (EDM) is an M2M solution that can give you essential information so you can make better decisions about energy-efficiency policies, processes and technology of your organisation, such as retail, manufacturing, the public sector and for any organisation that has many energy suppliers.

Without the right information, at a detailed level, it can be tough to understand the best solution, especially when you’re operating across hundreds of sites multinationally. Individually, each system that uses power might be using just a few hundred watts. But over the year and across multiple sites, these power costs add up.

Vodafone has now been monitoring its energy consumption for over 10 years and has smart meters installed in 40,000 base stations – with a plan to extend the implementation of EDM in the future. The company has also started to deploy the solution to large offices and other sites consuming large amounts of energy. Around 60% of Vodafone’s energy consumption was spread across more than 230,000 base stations, 25% on data centres, and 15% on offices and retail sites.

A new white paper published by Vodafone highlights the benefits of the energy management solution, Energy Data Management. These benefits can be seen here.