Data Communications Companies Looking to Market Their Fibre Optic Data Cable Technology Have a Reliable Partner in True North Technology

Data Communications Companies Looking to Market Their Fibre Optic Data Cable Technology Have a Reliable Partner in True North Technology

August 7, 2013 – Data communications companies across Canada that need marketing and sales support for new or existing fibre optic data cable technology have a trusted partner in True North Technology, a Mississauga, Ontario-based independent selling company.

For over 25 years, True North Technology has been working with the goal of delivering outstanding sales, marketing and service solutions to their customers in a time of reduced resources in order to allow them to profitably maximize their market share. They specialize in data communications products such as fibre optic data cable technology, connectivity and accessories, electronic copper and communication cables, cabling installation accessories, connectors and cable assembly products, enclosure systems, access control, Industrial Ethernet Switches, network powering and back up, security products, video distribution and home communications solutions, providing a wide range of services to help their clients become more profitable.

True North Technology is also a founding member of Sales Outsource Solutions, a company formed through the merger of True North Technology Inc., Innotech Cabling Solutions and Leibnerco. As each company specializes in separate markets, Sales Outsource Solutions is able to cover a much wider range than most traditional manufacturers’ representatives, giving data communication companies a greater penetration into multiple markets and allowing them to expand the reach of their marketing efforts for their fibre optic data cable technology.

True North Technology itself is able to provide its clients with a wide range of support for their marketing and sales efforts, such as new business development (outside sales personnel), local sales management (in which the owners have over 20 years experience), sales plan development by product, channel development, webinar development presentation, seminar selling, trade shows and special events, and market intelligence. Additional services include providing product-specific program managers, product-specific business development managers, out bound telephone lead generation programs and collateral development.

With an extensive selection of marketing and sales services, over 20 years experience and one third of a recent merger that increases the potential for market penetration, True North Technology is a reliable partner for data communications companies looking to promote their fibre optic data cable technology and other products.

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