Smoking kills pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy is an independent form of providing an unhealthy growth and probably killing of the fetus. Smoking cigarettes is ranked as no.1 source of unhealthy & adverse consequences for babies. Smoking during pregnancy can complicate issues far too many times a person can think of. Defective stages in babies involve premature birth, short growth and at times, death. Pregnancy can never be safer if the woman is involved in smoking and the highest risk growth link is referred on the babies who are directly provisioned to unhealthy and killing environment by the pregnant mothers.

The vilest part of smoking during pregnancy is that there is medicated control over the issues of smoking but that fails in providing protection to the baby from complex effects.
How smoking affects the baby:
Smoking during the pregnancy period triples the chance that the baby will be born either too early or weigh less. Every smoke of cigarette increases pregnancy risks. Shortage of oxygen provides a devastating effect on the baby’s health and hinders the future developments. The first dose of nicotine is always sensitive for a smoker’s body and eventual inhaling of tobacco forms tighten the blood vessels which can directly have adverse effect on the baby’s health.
Series of complications like premature delivery, less birth weight can be caused with inhaling of nicotine with carbon monoxide causing reduction on the baby’s oxygen supply. Inhaling nicotine by the mother obstructs oxygen by narrowing of blood vessels throughout the body which includes the umbilical cord. The procedure is exactly same like forcing the baby into breathing from a narrow source. The situation complicates even more when the red blood cells which carry oxygen, picks up the carbon monoxide molecules instead weakening even the narrow source for oxygen to not hold up oxygen content accordingly.
Weight & Size: Cigarette pack a day affects the baby’s weight and eventually the growth of the baby causing lifelong defects.
Body & Lungs: Due to incomplete development of body, these babies tend to have less functioning lungs and have future long breathing problems due to delayed or problematic lung development.
Heart: Babies whose mothers smoke during the first trimester of pregnancy stage are more probe to have a defective heart during birth.
Brain functionalities: Smoking during pregnancy can cause behavioral difficulties, leaning disorders and low IQ conditions on the babies due to less brain functionality disorder.
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