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A new study revealed that a woman’s cancer risk emerges to increase with her height. An analysis of 20,928 postmenopausal women indicated that the taller a woman is, the higher her risk for a number of cancers, including skin, colon and breast cancer among others.

Height itself is not a risk factor, but it really seems to be a marker for one or more exposures that influence cancer risk. The cancer risk is associated with a taller stature. It may consider hormones and growth factors that spur both height and cancer cells. It may be that height simply enlarges the surface area of the body’s organs, effecting in a greater number of overall cells and higher subsequent chances of malignancy.

Height can be affected by a number of factors beyond genetics. The amount and type of foods expended in childhood can influence height, and childhood nutrition may also be responsible for cancer risk. A superior circulating level of a protein called insulin-like growth factor, which can be swayed by factors like stress, exercise, nutrition, and body mass index is also associated with both increased height and an increased cancer risk.

It did not embrace only the woman’s height but also her weight, age, smoking habits, education, alcohol consumption and whether she used hormone therapy. This allowed the researchers to control for other factors that could influence cancer risk and more closely determine the strength of the association with height.

They found that for every 4-inch change in height, there was a 13 percent rise in risk for expanding any type of cancer. The cancers most strongly linked with height were cancers of the rectum, kidney, blood and thyroid.

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