SubmitEdge Helps Webmasters Fight The Effects Of Penguin 2.0 With Effective SEO

After the Penguin 2.0 algorithmic update from Google, many websites as usual lost the ranking in the search results. Sales levels of many businesses plummeted greatly. To help the distressed business owners, SubmitEdge one of the leading SEO players has come out with excellent SEO service packages. The company is known for its highly effective SEO strategies. SubmitEdge offers the most comprehensive range of SEO services that helps the customers get all the SEO support required all under one roof. 

As Google continued to tighten its belt on ranking websites webmasters are required to put in extra efforts in identifying innovative ranking strategies. Most companies found it highly challenging to come up with Google friendly strategies that are powerful enough to fight the online competition and strategies that are search engine friendly. SubmitEdge, a company that has always been using Google friendly strategies recommends the company’s Guaranteed SEO service. SubmitEdge is one of the very few companies on the web that offers guaranteed SEO service with money back guarantee.
The search engine optimization service offered by the company is very comprehensive. The company takes care of everything from keyword consultation, analysis to final submission of the reports. The optimization service offered by the company covers both on-page optimization and off-page optimization.
The company enjoys very positive reputation in the SEO industry by offering customers with highly dependable SEO and link building services. SubmitEdge promises to get top ten ranking within six months failing which total refund is guaranteed. Having worked with over 20,000 orders on diverse SEO and link building assignments, the company is capable of handling all SEO challenges. SubmitEdge can also deal with all niche industries comfortably without any problem. SubmitEdge has a large team of experts specializing in various aspects of search engine marketing to ensure that customers get everything needed under one roof.
SubmitEdge charges very reasonable fee for all the services. The ranking solutions offered are fully customized to meet the customers’ requirements. Customers that approach SubmitEdge need not have to do with some generalized ranking service. the experts at SubmitEdge will first review the requirements, the niche industry and the keywords for which the website has to be optimized only based on which the ranking strategies are devised. SubmitEdge uses 100% ethical ranking strategies and the company uses only strategies that have already proven effective which enables the company guarantee impressive results.