Zeiss Lenses with Eyeglasses offered by Klein Optical

Klein Optical, a full service optical center in Ontario, is offering the use of innovative Zeiss lenses for eyeglasses in Ottawa. As one of the worldwide leaders in the optical and optoelectronic industry, Zeiss improves the seeing capacity of individuals with the use of their innovative lenses that are used by Klein Optical in their glasses.

Preceded by the innovations done with their other viewing lenses, Zeiss’ lenses vastly improve a wearer’s vision in many different ways. Their ultra-high definition progressive lenses offer unmatched clarity and provide users with a field of vision that is fifty percent greater. Each lens can be crafted by Klein Optical to fit each individual’s facial features, prescription, with a frame chosen from the optical center.

As a leader among Ottawa opticians, Klein Optics takes the all the best steps possible to continue improving the optical experience for their clients. They use Zeiss’ lenses that have the manufacturer’s Pure Coat Advantage. The special coatings on the lenses are designed make cleaning one’s glasses much easier.

Zeiss’ Pure Coat Advantage lenses offer extensive reflection resistance, is protected from scratches, resistant to smudges, and never crack, peel, or flake. Klein Optical offers these as the highest recommended option for those in need of high quality glasses. Along with Zeiss lenses, they also offer other innovative lenses such as Hi-Index that are thinner, lighter, more comfortable and cosmetically appealing.

For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, visit www.kleinoptical.com.

About Klein Optical

Robert Klein and his sons Daniel and Peter established Klein Optical in 1991. The family-owned company serves as a full-service optical shop committed to providing Ottawa and the greater Ontario are the utmost quality of designer sunglasses, contact lenses, or prescription eyeglasses in different styles and colours and low vision aids.