Try coolsculpting for a Fat Free Body

Human beings have always been obsessed by the thought to look their best. In the recent years the craze to have a fat free and toned body has reached maddening heights. People today are looking at various non-traditional options to reduce their body fat and have a beautiful and well-toned body.

New York City, April 23, 2013: The latest treatment for effective reduction of fat cells is a painless procedure called CoolSculpting. The procedure is a technique that has been developed by renowned scientists at Harvard University and was cleared by FDA as a safe method to reduce fat. The process uses targeted cooling procedure to destroy fat cells stored under the cell. CoolSculpting results in the permanent destruction of fat cells inside the body. The dead cells are naturally eliminated from the body.

Anyone can see the effect of coolsculpting before and after the procedure within a month of undergoing the treatment. According to world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo, “CoolSculpting is a completely safe procedure for eliminating fat from the body. Coolsculpting results have revealed that the process is effective only on the targeted fat cells and do not harm the surrounding tissues.” The process is a non-surgical method that requires just a couple of hours to be completed. There is no downtime involved with the process and it is a totally painless method. The process is so effective that celebrities flock to have the procedure done on their bodies. An industry expert says, “Coolsculpting results have proved beyond doubt the effectiveness of the procedure. The treatment involves no risk and this is one of the major causes for people opting for this process of fat reduction.” New York City has some reputed and world-class plastic surgeons that help patients to undergo this treatment in a safe and secured manner.

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About: Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo is a world class plastic surgeon who is double board certified. His reputation and experience in the world of plastic surgeons is at the top. Dr. Fiorillo is a highly sought after plastic surgeon who has been successful and safely carrying out the procedure of CoolSculpting on the patients to help them regain a beautiful body. His impressive patient-list includes several celebrities and television stars who have undergone the effective technique of fat reduction and have gained hugely by undergoing the process. Dr. Fiorillo practices in New York City and offers a full range of cosmetic surgery services to his patients.

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