Medical Device Manufacturers Offer Product Design and Development

Phoenix DeVentures is offering product design and development to aid healthcare companies in building a top-caliber inventory. The medical device manufacturers utilize their expertise to provide clients with high-quality products that have seen success in performing essential functions for a broad range of applications.

Throughout the years, the advancement of medical technology has enabled hospitals to provide utmost care to their patients. What seemed impossible to cure yesterday is most probably curable today. To support the continuous progress of the industry, Phoenix DeVentures offers their services in encouraging the growth of companies and supporting their ultimate purpose, which is to utilize state-of-the-art tools for the most effective treatments.

Aside from manufacturing healthcare devices, the firm designs and develops products according to the client’s requirements. The firm’s engineers and designers possess extensive experience and sufficient skill to cater to the needs of their diverse clientele, which typically includes physicians and entrepreneurs. As a one-stop shop for production, the business performs mold making, molding, machine shop services, and clean room assembly to deliver the final product within its premises.

The firm’s 40 US patents and several international patents attest to their design and production capabilities. The company manufactures and distributes a majority of products seen in hospitals today, including catheters, ultrasonic sensors, surgical instruments, and more. In particular, start-up enterprises can greatly benefit from the company’s comprehensive services.

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About Phoenix DeVentures

The company utilizes the most advanced custom machinery to fabricate products that meet industry standards. ISO 13485 certified, they develop and manufacture a wide range of medical products. With over 30 years of experience, the company provides a variety of technical solutions to their clients, including chemical etching, direct metal laser sintering, rapid development, and more.