Firms Warned Against Over Automating Their Customer Service

In the UK, and many other parts of theworld, people are increasingly complaining about automated customer care systems.

There has been a growing trend for firms to deal with customer issues differently. Today, someone with a problem will struggle to find the contact number of a firm. Instead, they will be directed to an e-mail form, or a FAQ page rather than the company’s telephone number. Unsurprisingly, websites like whose team digs out the contact numbers for big firms and organisations and makes them easy to find, are becoming increasingly busy.

More and more people are getting frustrated with the automated and distant way in which firms deal with them. Most people do not like having to read several pages of irrelevant information to find an answer to a simple question. In their mind, if they could just talk to someone they could get the answer they need and get on with their lives.

Marketing agencies are increasingly having to warn the firms they work with about the dangers of over automating their customer service processes. Many firms invest a lot of time and money in engaging their customers at the buying stage, only to drop them completely once they have bought from them. For customers this is maddening. Increasingly people are voting with their feet and not buying again from those firms who are unwilling to speak to them on a one to one basis when they have problems.

Not All Firms Are Heeding the Warnings
However, there are signs that rather than heed the warnings firms are going further down the path of distancing themselves from their customer. The problem seems to be money. Most firms have found the current trading environment challenging and have felt the need to cut staff to protect their profitability. Unfortunately, the customer service team is where a lot of these cuts have taken place. However, most firms do still have some staff at the end of the phone for those customers who can find their phone number. There is certainly demand for the service Fast Phone Number provides, with thousands turning to them every month to find the phone numbers they need to get hold of a real person instead of an automated message.

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