Joe Barton diabetes – 37.7% of Diabetics are Coach Potatoes

Did you know that inactivity increases the need for insulin, even if you’re a type 1 diabetic?

It may surprise you to learn that mild exercise is even more effective for lowering high blood sugar levels to normal levels than an insulin shot.

Physical activity enhances your muscle cell’s ability to use insulin and blood sugar and takes the stress off your insulin creating pancreainsultic cells.

New science has discovered that even mild exercise improves the health of your cell membranes making them more sensitive to insulin and glucose absorption.

Just 30 minutes of brisk walking a day has been proven to reduce to risk of diabetes type 2 by 30% (from the famous Nurses’ Health Study).

The 11 biggest risk factors for diabetes and diabetics alike are:

• Inactivity
• Obesity
• Eating processed foods
• High sugar diet
• Low fiber diet
• High insulin index diet
• High animal protein diet
• Heavy metals
• Vaccines
• Smoking
• Caffeine

The problem with diabetes in America is 65% of us are overweight and about 37% are obese. Some leading experts predict that for the first time in recorded history this generation’s children won’t live as long as their parents.

Children are so very vulnerable and the scourge of Western medicine and biologically toxic diet habits are taking a deadly toll on them.

Recently, many leading health professionals are looking at diabetes as an early symptom of heart disease. It is possible that obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer are all associated with the same trigger . . . the Western diet.

Fact is most diabetics don’t die from diabetes, they die from cardiovascular disorders or what’s called “diabetic complications,” like poor circulation.

It seems there are way more health complications in America than cures.

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent researching diabetic cures, lowering blood sugar and insulin receptivity, and the more than $250 billion generated by selling drugs to Americans, we’re still not seeing degenerative disease rates dropping.

Even though they can all be cured by the “right” diet, water and exercise.

Instead, major disease rates like diabetes and its “complications” have recently remained high in the US.

To add insult to injury, the cost of medical care is still the highest in the world.

Diabetes is totally curable with diet and lifestyle modifications that are so much easier than playing the disease management game.

The richer your diet is in nutrients contained in plant-based food sources, the lower the risk of chronic disorders like diabetes.

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You were born to heal,
Todd M. Faassé
Health Advocate