Extensive & Affordable Physiotherapy Services Offered By Central Baldivis Physiotherapy

Great news has come from Central Baldivis Physiotherapy, a physiotherapy centre located in Safety Bay and Settlers Hill Road, for all those who are looking for payable physiotherapy services.

One of the leading names in Baldivis physiotherapy world, Central Baldivis Physiotherapy is known to provide prompt, up to date, efficient and comprehensive services to clients at all levels, community, family and individual.

Some of the common conditions treated at Central Baldivis Physiotherapy are neck and back problems including sciatica, chronic headache, locked joints and disc problems. Sports related injury like tennis elbow and sprained ankles are treated here as well along with conditions like arthritic conditions, motor vehicle injuries and whiplash. One of the key treatments that this physiotherapy Baldivis organization is known to offer is the rehabilitation of shoulder, knee and hip injuries. Other treatments include provision of antenatal and postnatal care and correction of problems related to postures.

Central Baldivis Physiotherapy is open from Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm and on Saturday it is open from 9am to 12pm. It is completely closed on Sunday. The initial consultation fee charged by Central Baldivis Physiotherapy is $80.00 and thereafter the patients are said to be required to pay a standard consultation fee of $65.00. Central Baldivis Physiotherapy reportedly has discounted consultation fee for senior clients. The initial consultation fee for senior clients is $63.75 and the standard consultation is $51.00. So that is basically a discount of 15%.

People who have availed the services of Central Baldivis Physiotherapy seem to be quite satisfied with it. The clients have said that Central Baldivis Physiotherapy schedules appointments within the next day and they try to address the urgent cases as early as it is possible. The previous customers also said that no referrals were required in order to see a physiotherapist. However, clients who make claims through Department of Veteran Affairs, Motor Vehicle Insurance or Workers’ Compensation are required to provide a referral.

Talking about what makes Central Baldivis Physiotherapy stand out, a marketing executive of the organization said, “Our services speak for itself. We have experienced and skilled physiotherapists who know their job really well”.

To know more, log on to www.baldivisphysiotherapy.com.au