Check out the various room fragrance products with amazing New Year discounts

Why not bring a pleasant aroma to your home this New Year? At Heyland and whittle, you can a variety of pleasant fragrance products that can diffuse into your rooms and get a pleasant smell from each and every corner of the room.

At Heyland and whittle you can have a wide range of room fragrance products including some natural flavors like Green Tea & Grapefruit having Crisp, citrusy Grapefruit and light, fresh oriental Green Tea fragrance, Olive & Fig bringing Peppery, green Olive blends with warm, earthy Fig, Neroli & Rose with Delicate, sweet Orange Blossom and calming, soothing Roses, Citrus & Lavender bringing Vibrant, fruity Lemon and sweet, smoky Lavender, Coconut Vanilla & Blackpepper diffusing Creamy Coconut blends with rich, warm Vanilla and a hint of spicy Black Pepper Wild Lemongrass spreading Aromatic, crisp Lemongrass with peppery, green Olive fragrance, Orange Spice with a Zesty Orange and dash of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove.

You can have all these room fragrance products at special discounted prices with Heyland and Whittle. Know more about their product range at their Heyland and Whittle website or can call them at 01293525825 to place orders.