Obtaining Various Insurance Quotes Online Seems Effortless With Clicassure.Com

Great news for the Quebec residents looking to renewal assurance auto, assurance hypothecaire, motorcycle insurance, ATV insurance and many other financial services. The leading company hosts database of affiliated companies that are ready to provide quotes.

“We are happy to be your one stop help when you’re in quest of assurance. The concept is simple, just click on the appropriate icon depending on the type of insurance. If you want to get a comparative submission, complete the form adapted to subscribe to our partners and voila! Thereafter, your information is automatically transmitted to our partners. Within 24 working hours, offers of these will be available in your mailbox and you can communicate with whoever you made the best offer”, said the spokesperson from ClicAssure.

As a one stop shop for the insurance needs, the site simplifies the entire process of comparing the various types of moto and auto assurance that are currently available. The site provides several rates in a single application and average saving in case of assurance auto is about $300. By using this easy to use site, drivers will get multiple quotes from different companies from the comfort of home. ClicAssure not only avail customers’ but also enables companies to reach their potential clients.

Although the portal has a definite receptiveness towards car insurance comparison, one can also find other type of insurance including life, mortgage, illness and more. On this website, all the genres of insurance are given as much consideration as the car insurance. Whenever ClicAssure receives a request from the customer, they get prices from many insurers maximizing the savings. This is a place to reapply bid on the next renewal to save time and money.

Carl one of the customers of ClicAssure said, “It’s never been so easy for me to shop around for my insurance … not only did I save loads of time with Clicassure.com, I aim Nearly saved $ 300 on my car insurance.”

About ClicAssure

ClicAssure provides a wide range of auto insurance products to residents of Quebec including, but not limited to car insurance, ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance and more. To know more about the firm visit http://www.clicassure.com/