OKINA USA Adds to Selection of Network Video Recorder Options

one of the US based leaders for cutting edge business and home security products, has announced that they’re recently added to their range of network video recorder solutions. The company’s new solutions are designed to enhance the security of the modern corporate and residential infrastructure and ensure that clients achieve a greater capacity to respond to modern security threats effectively.

The catalog at OKINA USA now includes the high performance surveillance power of the 3x Indoor IP Mini PTZ Dome Camera. This cost effective network video recorder product is considered by most industry experts to be the requisite choice for the business operator that requires flexibility and efficiency within their surveillance work. Offering an area scan speed from 8° to 80° per second and presenting users within 32 preset points through which to review and record monitoring activities captured by the camera, this outstanding solution is the ideal product for companies that have a large area to cover with their monitoring operations.

Viewing the picture produced by the 3x Indoor IP Mini PTZ Dome Camera is seamless as the product offers a resolution of 480TVL via 480,000 pixels on NTSC systems and 470,000 pixels on PAL systems. The product also features the classic RS485 interface to ensure that operators can achieve streamlined control of all monitoring systems. It’s the latest solution for high powered, cutting edge monitoring in real-time business environments and it’s now available through the team at OKINA USA.

To learn more about the 3x Indoor IP Mini PTZ Dome Camera solution, contact the technical team at OKINA USA directly or visit their website at www.okinausa.com.

About Okina USA

OKINA USA is a leader in the field of video surveillance equipment eagerly ready to face any challenge in an ever changing industry. Created in 2006, OKINA USA has become one of the most trusted specialists for a broad array of security solutions. To learn more, please visit www.okinausa.com.

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