Security for business: machine to machine (M2M) solutions with Vodafone

Security for business: machine to machine (M2M) solutions with VodafoneSecurity for business is an ever-changing industry, with technology evolving rapidly. Vodafone has created machine to machine (M2M) solutions in order to cater for the demand for managing businesses against theft, fire, and other security risks.

Every year, thousands of crimes against business sites and assets go unsolved, despite those enterprises investing in security infrastructure. Why? Because criminals can:

  • Take advantage of alarms and cameras going unmonitored — according to Berg Insight, an estimated 75% of Europe’s 30 million alarms are totally unmonitored
  • Target assets when they’re on trucks and vans, away from the protection of the site perimeter
  • Cut cables to CCTV cameras and alarms to disable them
  • Target remote locations where it’s impractical to install phone lines to connect cameras and alarms

For over two-decades, Vodafone has been offering M2M security solutions, including alarms, CCTV, and asset tracking. Today, Vodafone is one of the world’s leaders in M2M service delivery.

With Vodafone’s capabilities, it can help businesses improve security and coverage; reduce theft and shrinkage; cut installation and management costs; and increase business insight.

Vodafone’s capabilities include: global M2M platform; global M2M-specific SIM cards; a broad portfolio of M2M terminals, application and service enablement development, testing and deployment; network connectivity; and system integration — all from a single supplier, with a single contract.

A white paper has been commissioned by Vodafone specifically aimed at manufacturers and distributors of security equipment, to address the step change in functionality enabled by Machine to machine (M2M) communications in three security applications: alarm systems, CCTV, and asset tracking – to download this White Paper, visit URL.

Alternatively,  watch the webinar on the security industry-  a wireless future increasing coverage, reducing costs, and providing added value to security.

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