Unique perspective of Iceland displayed in new photography book

Unique perspective of Iceland displayed in new photography bookA unique perspective of Iceland, capturing the charms of two very different seasons from one viewpoint, is displayed in a new photography book, TWO IN ONE.

TWO IN ONE is comprised of photographs, accompanied by endearing observations, portrays many of Iceland’s most interesting places. The twin images featured are taken from exactly the same angle – one in summer and one in winter.

As stated by Sverrir Bjornsson, the book’s author, TWO IN ONE takes viewers on a unique time-travelling experience, looking at the same view in different seasons. Freezing two distinct moments in time, it then brings them together, visualising beautifully the ever-changing wonders of nature and this amazing land.

“In Iceland nothing is certain, change is the order all year round. Sometimes it snows on the June 17 ‘Independence Day’ parades, and sometimes it’s possible to play golf on New Year’s Day. The very next day can seem like a different season altogether. Seven types of weather in 24 hours is not an uncommon experience; a snowstorm followed by sunshine, rain, a fresh breeze and then calm before showers and rolling fog, all in a single day,” explains Bjornsson.

To learn more regarding TWO IN ONE, visit http://twoinone.is.