2013 to see increased Northern Lights activity in Iceland

2013 to see increased Northern Lights activity in Iceland2013 is set for increased Northern Lights activity, especially in Iceland, due to intensifying solar flare discharge, experts say.

According to scientists, solar flares which eject charges of atoms and electrons into space usually reach the Earth a day or two later, are causing increased Northern Lights activity.

During the aforementioned travel period, these flares grow in intensity, before finally reaching the Earth’s atmosphere. This collision with the Earth’s air molecules then causes energy in the form of spectacular lights to be emitted.

Displays of the Northern Lights are incredible, due to Iceland’s location on the cusp of the Arctic Circle. Iceland is known for being a hub for Northern Lights activity, with various trips and tours taking place everyday during the winter and spring months.

With this in mind, Iceland tour provider Reykjavik Excursions is offering an incredible Northern Lights tour to see Mother Nature’s greatest spectacle.

During the Northern Lights tour, guides take sky-gazers to locations with the best viewing possibilities, dependent on weather. Here, lucky viewers will get the chance to experience the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis.

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