MAHA USA Offers Introduces New Auto Lift Options to Catalogue

Leaders for auto lift engineering excellence, MAHA USA have recently added new items to the company’s consistently evolving catalogue of products. These new options will help clients to provide achieve superior lifting efficiency and improve in-house productivity for more streamlined operations.

One of the newest additions to the MAHA USA equipment catalogue is the Portable Air End Auto Lift. This exquisite piece of cutting edge machinery is the requisite solution for those auto repair teams conducting heavy duty vehicle lifting applications.

One of the leading operational advantages of utilizing the Portable Air End Lift is that this product features adjustable lifting saddles, which means that operators can easily raise and extend the equipment to a variety of positions.

For extended transportability the Portable Air End Auto Lift has been engineered with pneumatic wheels so that it’s easier to maneuver across the workshop environment than the lifting solutions offered by MAHA USA’s industry competitors.

Safety is a priority for MAHA USA’s engineering team. Each of the company’s lifting solutions is built to exceed ALI-ETL industry performance standards and the company’s Portable Air End Auto Lift continues that trend. The equipment features a large and sturdy base in order to steady the load while in operation.

For working environments with low ceilings, MAHA USA offers their Wheel Lift System. This product has been engineered for seamless performance in low clearance areas through the use of a low air-pressure regulated wheel system. The product’s built-in vehicle support stand works to eliminate the requirement for jack stands while a wide-spring-loaded wheel base offers the ideal platform for safe, stable working operations. Clients will also experience superior levels of control when working with the MAHA Wheel Lift System thanks to the integration of a dual trigger control valve that allows the wheel lift to synchronize while being raised and lowered by in-house operators.

MAHA USA continues to be the leading name for innovative auto lift equipment. To learn more about the latest solutions they offer, please visit today. To speak with a specialist within the company about their solutions, prospective customers can contact the company’s in-house product specialists at

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